mSpy Software Uses

Monitor Your Employee Mobile Device Usage

If you are running a business and have employees who use your mobile devices, mSpy will enable you to see exactly what they are doing with your device. If your employees are disclosing sensitive and confidential company information or making personal calls on your dime, even if they erase their phone logs you will know: mSpy doesn’t depend on the phone's internal logging system and once an activity is performed on the phone, this information is automatically sent to your web-based Control Panel and is recorded, rendering the act of erasing one’s footprints on the phone obsolete and giving you a total picture of what’s happening on your device and on your time. And if employees are using your vehicles for trips other than work-related purposes, you will know as well because mSpy monitors the location of your smart device using GPS tracking and it relays this information in real time to your website Control Panel.

Track Mobile Device Usage of Your Children & Teens

Today's tech-savvy children and teenagers know all the benefits of the internet and how to use them, but they also are exposed to all of its dangers. However, more often than not, kids and teens do not have the maturity or awareness to deal with these potential dangers. And that’s where parents have a responsibility to protect their children. With mSpy running on a mobile device that you own, you will be able to determine in real time where your children are located, who they are communicating with, or even if they are using the device while behind the wheel of a vehicle, a dangerous habit that every parent wants to know about and eliminate. And with mSpy recording all the activities of your children on your mobile device, no more lies! You will know what they are up to whether or not they tell you about it, and oftentimes once they know they are being monitored, their behaviors will change for the better.

Create a Back-up Copy of Your Own Mobile Device Use

mSpy software also offers you a fail-safe and completely automatic way for you to keep track of your own mobile device activity as well! It’s perfect for maintaining an automatic backup of all your conversations, voice & text messages, websites you visit, and real-world locations you travel to. mSpy seamlessly records all the activities you program it to, and you can simply review them through your online Control panel any time you want. This is the perfect solution for times when you may need to provide proof of your actions during situations such as billing disputes with your carrier, with a business contact or any legal situation that may apply. And also, if your device ever gets lost or stolen, you’ll have no worries about the most valuable asset of the phone: it’s information, contacts, and call activities. Everything is backed up and accessible via your secure website Control Panel, totally eliminating any worry if your device is lost, stolen, somehow destroyed in an accident or fire.

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