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Let us show you, in merely a click of a button, how you can easily find out the inner world of your significant ones and understand them better!


You could find out whom they text, call, e-mail or by whom they get contacted in real time.


You could watch online their day/night route, spot current location on a map in the comfort of your home, or wherever you are, just by logging into your personal mSpy account.


You could listen in to all conversations happening around the phone - business meetings, a friendly chat or unexpected secret tete-a-tete. You know, those sounds may speak louder than words.


Customer - telling us How It Works

Anyway, mSpy delivers you facts. See below how!

STEP #1: A small purchase will make a huge difference

Select a preferred payment method and enter your personal details.

STEP #2: Download the mSpy app directly to your phone to be monitored.

Simply follow the instructions outlined in our online User Manual for the specific operating system of your phone.

STEP #3: Set up your numbers

For your convenience, a personal mSpy Account has already been registered for you. Upon logon, go to My Numbers, enter the phone number you would like to monitor, the device's IMEI Code and give it a name.

STEP #4: View the activity on the target phone!

The dashboard panel allows you to have a bird's eye view of the latest activity on the phone or to sort out the logs and see detailed data on a preferred item.

Peep inside one's Messages folder and read every text sent, received or even deleted.

You can even sort out SMS within specified time period — just pick a day and hours for checking.

All video files — received or taken - are tracked.

The target phone's Address Book can be easily accessed in the Control Panel.

All E-mails are carefully stored and displayed at the View E-mails page. Since our world is becoming increasingly global, you communicate sometimes with people from different corners of the Earth. With that in mind, mSpy is designed to capture and store texts exactly as they appear on the target phone's screen. Non-English language characters are fully supported.

See all events stored on the phone. Browse by day and hours if you like. Or enter some keywords and perform a quick search through all event logs.

Complete call history including deleted entries is at your disposal now. And yes, you can view it for some particular time you can define at the top of the Control Panel.

Once the numbers are set up, mSpy reports on the date and time of geographical location as early as in 20 minutes! The target phone's route is conveniently mapped for you. All logs can be sort out by day and hours.

You will find all things they want to be reminded of right there.

Browse graphic files stored on the target phone. Absolutely no matter, if a snap taken has been deleted, you will have it right before your eyes in your Control Panel.

You can track their to-do list at anytime. If there is something particular you are interested in, no need to look through the whole lot of tasks - perform a quick search by just typing in the keywords in the right sidebar.

Or search the stuff through all the statistics at the Search page selecting all categories.

All categories can be browsed by day and hours. Thus, saving you time to spot necessary information.

You can bug surroundings anytime. You even don't have to sit and listen in at that time. Just specify the time for recording and bugging rooms in order to access the files later at your convenience!

Browse recorded files at the View Recordings page anytime you like.

Define by yourself how often to capture and deliver the latest phone data.

Set intervals, how often - daily, weekly, or monthly - you would like to be notified on your E-mail of new activities.

As soon as a new SMS message comes or a call lands, you will be instantly notified by an E-mail, should you select a daily Notification.

If you haven't guessed it by now, mSpy is no fake or scam.

It is a very real relationship-builder that makes it a snap to help anyone, anywhere, with any kind of business learn the truth about those who matter to you.

No matter how well you know them.

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